2nd Annual Not-for-Profit Seminar

Jul 30, 2015

Due to the popularity of last year’s interactive foundation panel, leaders of Western New York’s largest private foundations joined us for an update on funding initiatives in the non-profit community.  Our panel of leaders included:

Brigid Doherty, The Cullen Foundation
Robert D. Gioia, The John R. Oishei Foundation
Catherine A. Gura, The Children’s Guild Foundation
Mark O’Donnell, The Patrick P. Lee Foundation

Additionally, Stephen Mayo and Marie Story of Walsh Duffield Companies, Inc, gave us an insurance industry update focusing on workers compensation insurance and employee wellness.  Because of the nature of a tax-exempt organization, Landmark Wealth Managment's Mark Collard and Brian Laible discussed NYS regulations on investing as a non-profit and how it is unlike any other entity.  Lastly, members of our own Not-for-Profit Services team presented on fraud and internal controls, and provided an accounting and tax update.  Here is the presentation from the seminar:

2015 Not-for-Profit Seminar Presentation