Pumpkin Auction

Oct 31, 2015

For Halloween, our office raised $420 for The Miracle League of Grand Island & WNY by auctioning off decorated pumpkins.  The pumpkins were painted and decorated by students from schools throughout Western New York. 

Check out a few of the pumpkins auctioned.


The Miracle League is designed to serve people who cannot be accommodated by established baseball leagues due to the special needs of their disabilities. The vision of the program is to provide any disabled child or person, regardless of their level of disability, the opportunity to play league sports and enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of being part of a team sport.

The Miracle League is to promote the health and well-being of people with disabilities, provide opportunities for able-bodied people to learn about and interact with individuals with disabilities, and develop community awareness and support for the individual athlete with disabilities through organized sports leagues.