Business Process Reviews

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Our firm has developed a unique service line of providing Business Process Reviews (BPR) to current CTBK clients and to non-clients. The BPR provides a fresh perspective of the internal accounting control structure of the organization, in conjunction with a thorough evaluation of performance measurement systems and business risk evaluation.

Typically a BPR engagement consists of an intense two to three day field review of the entity, which includes daily management updates and culminates with a presentation "read-out" of our findings. The "deliverables" include a comprehensive report identifying both risks and weaknesses in the current business processes and more importantly highlights the opportunities present for continuous profit and process improvements. We have been very successful with this time-proven service line and have received positive feedback through our client satisfaction survey process. We have completed BPRs in the following professions or industries:

  • Three pasta manufacturing facilities
  • International consulting firm
  • Regional beverage distributorship
  • Cigarette manufacturing facility
  • Warranty service repair center
  • Light manufacturer of steel lockers
  • Major east coast law firm
  • Five-star steakhouse
  • Light manufacturer of HVAC products