Business Valuation

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Our team of Certified Valuation Analysts is experienced in performing business valuations for numerous purposes, including:

  • Gift and estate tax planning and compliance
  • Litigation
  • Financial reporting
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Corporate redemptions
  • Partnership and corporate dissolutions
  • Minority shareholder issues
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)
  • Incentive Compensation Plans

By engaging CTBK to perform your business valuation, you can be assured of quality, thoroughness, and timeliness.  In addition, we stand behind our valuation reports and are available to provide expert witness services when needed.

Our experience has taught us that cursory or poorly conceived and researched valuations can result in unpleasant surprises, including costly litigation.  It is nearly always more cost effective to "do it right the first time".  A well prepared valuation can reduce the likelihood of a long, drawn out battle with the IRS or other opposing parties.  If such a battle does ensue, presenting a high quality valuation report as evidence can greatly increase the changes of success.  Accordingly, all of our valuations meet or exceed professional reporting requirements and thoroughly address all positions taken with the valuation.

CTBK has been in the business of business valuation from the very start of our firm.  Our team stays current with the latest valuation trends and legal developments related to gift and estate taxation, including court cases and the latest industry developments related to marketability and blockage discounts, key person discounts, minority interest and control discounts.  Hundreds of clients have trusted us to provide well-researched and supported valuations for tax compliance.

To date we have performed valuation services in the following industries:

Real estate development Entertainment and tourism Hospitality
Transportation Construction Technology
Architecture and design Manufacturing Distribution
Pharmacy Agriculture Restaurants
Medical practices Professional services firm Retail

In addition to the business valuation services discussed above, our Business Valuation team has developed a proven guide to assist business owners and their management teams to manage what is most likely their largest personal asset.

While business owners are generally involved in the day-to-day management of their Company, they are not always focused on monitoring and growing its value in the same manner as they would with a portfolio of stocks and bonds.

In order to assist owners in meeting business and personal goals, we have developed the “Managing for Value” (MFV) service.  MFV is a proven method to guide and track your Company's strategic goals and assist ownership in managing and enhancing the Company's value, whether for smooth transition to the next generation or maximizing the value upon a future sale of the Company.

At the onset of an MFV engagement, we will perform a valuation of your Company with a focus on identifying the key value drivers and understanding your long-term goals, both for the Company and its owners. In subsequent years, we will update the valuation, measure and track the key value drivers as well as the progress made towards the set goals and objectives.

Furthermore, through discussion between the shareholders and the full CTBK service team (audit, tax, and valuation); we will update our understanding of ownership’s long-term goals and objectives. Action steps will be suggested to ensure achievement of these goals and objectives.

Annually, we will provide a summary report that provides a current estimate of the Company’s value as well as the historical trends of the key value drivers and suggested action steps to achieve the stated objectives.

Not only will you receive information on the value of your Company, but the MFV service will assist with focusing the Company’s entire management team on achieving the long-term goals and objectives of the owners. Action plans will be developed and responsibilities assigned. As a result, short-term goals can be developed and monitored to ensure long-term objectives are achieved.

Our practice leaders, Kelly Besaw and Eric Colca, are both Certified Valuation Analysts with many years of experience performing valuations and consulting services for privately held companies in a variety of industries. For more information or an appointment, please contact Eric Colca or Kelly Besaw at 716-630-2400.