Tax Notebook


Tax Notebook is a powerful online tax organizer that will significantly reduce the cost and time associated with printing and mailing tax organizers. Tax Notebook provide a secure and convenient way to upload your information.  Tax Notebook speeds the preparation of your tax return and ensures accuracy.

As an alternative to providing your tax information via our traditional paper organizer, we are now proud to offer Tax Notebook, the quick-and-easy way to get started on your taxes! With Tax Notebook, you'll enjoy a secure, online tax interview that allows you to submit your tax data using any PC with an Internet connection. Here's how it works:

  • Using any PC with an internet connection, you can access Tax Notebook directly from our website with a unique Login ID and Password that we will provide within 24 hours of your request.

  • You are then guided through a personal tax interview that is much more intuitive than the traditional paper organizer.

  • When finished, simply click the button to send us your tax information via a secure link. You can also print a copy of your tax data for your records. You will still need to send us your original documents for our files.

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