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Strategic Solutions

For these, CTBK Strategic Solutions has a bench of C-Suite executives to deploy on a fractionalized basis to help you and your business.

Examples of the sort of engagement Strategic Solutions can help with include:

  • Post-acquisition Integration
  • Strategic Plan Development and Integration
  • Leadership Alignment Sessions
  • Interim-Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Business Assessment

    We will perform an independent, executive-level review of your organization to identify your most significant challenges and develop responsive solutions and priorities.

  • Strategic Plan Development/Refresh

    We will facilitate a customized strategic planning process with you to generate a plan that is realistic, aligned, and positioned for accountable execution.

  • Organizational Efficiency

    We help you to assess your biggest asset – your people – and assist you in targeting the solutions that will amplify your company’s culture and values. We will recommend an ‘accountable’ organization that aligns your business strategy.

  • Project Leadership

    We can advance the projects that you know need to get done but can’t find the time/resources to lead them the ‘right’ way.

  • Interim-CEO Services

    Our seasoned C-suite consultants possess the expertise to lead your organization through transitional periods or crises.

  • Change Management

    In dynamic organizations, change is the only constant. We support the successful implementation of change initiatives with minimal disruptions.

  • Leadership Development and Coaching

    With decades of experience in developing leadership teams, we work closely with your team to empower your leaders with the skills and insights needed to drive success.

  • Financial Planning and Analysis

    We deliver expert financial insights and planning to optimize business performance.

  • Risk Management

    Identify and mitigate risks to safeguard your organization’s future.

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