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    To achieve this balance, we work closely with each client to develop an adequate understanding of the business at hand, so we can gain a level of awareness of any issues that may affect operations. 

    There’s the standard level of issuance of financial statements, and then there are the levels above that. You will always find CTBK going that extra mile, fearlessly conquering any obstacles along the way. We love to get our steps in.

    Attest Services

    Our team surpasses the standard issuance of financial statements by providing a management letter, which contains feedback on internal control issues, revenue opportunities, and potential operational efficiencies. These letters include actionable recommendations that can result in:

    • Cost Reductions
    • Enhanced Revenues
    • Increased Productivity
    • Safeguarding of Assets.

    Phase 1: Planning and Risk Assessment

    CTBK evaluates, documents and, if necessary, tests the control system and monitoring procedures in place and communicates any control weaknesses that are discovered.

    We address each balance sheet area and determine if a high degree of risk should be placed and tested accordingly during focused substantive testing. We enhance our knowledge of the business during this phase and concentrate on areas where control procedures or weaknesses exist.

    At the end of Phase 1, all accounting or system issues are communicated to management. We believe open communication is essential in eliminating year-end surprises and/or complications. In addition, all management letter issues will be communicated at this point.

    Phase 2: Focused Substantive Testing

    This is the lead-in to meaningful and effective ideas.

    In this phase, we focus on the testing of balances via schedules provided to our attest team. We are very conscious of the tax ramifications in each area and will obtain all tax documentation necessary for the completion of tax returns to eliminate any duplication of efforts on the client side.

    All members of our professional team have a working knowledge of taxation and the ability to recognize tax-saving opportunities. By taking responsibility for the tax return process, we can efficiently coordinate the business and personal goals of clients into meaningful and effective ideas.

    • Ensure the appropriateness of planned attest procedures
    • Deal with recommendations in a constructive and timely manner
    • Be aware of changing conditions and circumstances, ready to adapt as needed

    SOC audits are one of our firm’s specialties, and we perform each audit to meet the highest levels of scrutiny to satisfy the organization in need. Whether the reporting requirements are simple or complex, our team can help.

    SOC reporting options include SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3:

    A report that evaluates the effect of a service organization’s controls on a user entity’s financial statement assertions. These reports hold significance for purposes of compliance with laws and regulations and for when user entity auditors plan and perform financial statement audits.

    A report that addresses types of third-party risks outside of financial statement reporting, such as assurance over critical systems, sensitive data used to provide outsourced services, etc. SOC 2 reports can cover between one and five of the Trust Service Principles, which include:

    (1) Security, (2) Availability, (3) Processing Integrity, (4) Confidentiality, and (5) Privacy.

    All SOC 2 reports are required to cover Security.

    A valuable report for when an organization decides it does not want to reveal the details of its controls or when a user organization requests a SysTrust for Service Organizations seal. The SysTrust seal is a symbol that can be displayed on a service organization’s website after the completion of a SOC 3 report.

    We are transparent through the report process in all examinations and assessments so the organization always has a clear view of where they stand in the process. 

    At completion, we issue the report and provide suggestions to enhance controls and operating efficiencies noted during the attest procedure.

    Additional Assurance and Attest Services

    In addition to our traditional assurance services, we also render accounting services for locally owned, privately held businesses.

    These services include the following:

    • Interim and Annual Compilations
    • Reviewed Financial Statements
    • Projected and Forecasted Financial Statements
    • Assistance with Internal Budgeting and Forecasting
    • Assistance with Development of Internal Monthly Financial Reporting
    • Mergers and Acquisitions

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