We are one team

with no benchwarmers

Our Core Values are a compilation of quirk, character and spunk that make Chiampou Travis Besaw & Kershner the CTBK that Buffalo counts on. We surpass our CPA and consulting services by getting outside and being the good neighbors that Buffalo is known for.

When we’re not crunching numbers, we’re crushing goals – in the community, academically, as a team and in our personal lives. We’re not just a staff; we are a team that comes together for projects, community volunteer efforts, academic support and extracurricular competitions. (We take mini-golf very seriously.)



We Are Batman

We are bold and advocate for what’s right.

Students Become Teachers

We learn, and we teach.


Rubik’s Cube

We face a challenge, and then we conquer it.

Bigger Than the Shark

We do all of this as one team.

Human Connection

With our long-term client relationships and connectivity within the firm, we focus on establishing a personal network in an evolving world. The human connection is CTBK’s pillar for our Core Values, team, and firm as a whole.


The career path you’re on

just might lead to us

We’re not asking for much in a candidate; we’re searching for it all: ambition, dedication, passion and creativity with unique approaches to projects and advancing industry knowledge. Oh, and fun. Like a whole lot of fun. The kind where you stay for office parties and get competitive with us at our wine bottle ring toss… that kind of fun.

CTBK isn’t a firm where after a couple of years, you plateau. With these tiers, there’s room to grow and advance for years to come.


The perks of being on our team



  • Health care
  • HSA contribution
  • 401(k) with matching
  • Cross-training opportunities
  • AGN training & benefits
  • Access to exclusive industry network


  • Summer hours
  • Remote access
  • Free parking
  • Community involvement opportunities
  • On-site parties
  • Off-site events


Career opportunities

For a community fire station, a local bakery, or city attractions, CTBK is here to help businesses behind the scenes with financial work and consulting services. And when we’re not at our desk, we’re out in the community giving back where needed most. Become a part of Buffalo – join our team of hard workers, big dreamers, and creative thinkers.


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