Dropping pins on the map

for the industries we serve best

Buffalo is known to be a city of good neighbors, which is why CTBK strives to serve any company in need of accounting services, whether it’s a construction company or a healthcare agency.

No matter the industry, we take a one-team approach to any and every service, with our professionals who are experts in a variety of areas, including Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA) and Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals (CCIFP).


Industries we serve

We serve these industries and more throughout Western New York and continue to branch outside of the region and beyond the state lines. If you’re unsure whether CTBK’s team can help, reach out or submit a request for proposal (RFP).

Lending a hand to builders of Buffalo and beyond

Our construction and developers’ service group is composed of highly-qualified and experienced individuals who work closely with clients in the construction industry to reach their business goals. This applies toward any tax, audit or consultation service.

From general builders to specialty and trade contractors, the team at CTBK is ready to take a hammer to the project at hand, producing a product that will meet and exceed expectations.

Serving the only way we know how

For health care and medical practices, CTBK has the proper resources and personnel to assist in complex reporting to meet the requirements of today’s health care and medical industries. We understand the hurdles that can exist in all realms of the economic climate, so we tap into specialized resources to improve our quality of services.

We are a member firm of the AICPA’s Government Audit Quality Center, where all of our team members adhere to strict continuing education requirements and annually meet or exceed the required Yellow Book requirements

Through a variety of services and specialties, our team is equipped to serve health care industries and medical practices for any accounting or valuation need.

Helping those who give back

We like to work for clients who strive for the same values as we do. With the human connection as the pillar of our core values, CTBK stays connected with the community by serving as one of the leading accounting firms in Western New York that is dedicated to not-for-profit organizations.

Our internal quality control process requires that all of our professionals receive relevant continuing education to be up to date with the latest developments in the not-for-profit industry. To keep relevant with the trends and industry, CTBK attends the AICPA’s National Not-For-Profit Conference in Washington D.C. each year. AICPA serves as a technical resource that provides services to governmental, not-for-profit and employee benefit plan audit clients. As a member firm, we adhere to strict continuing education requirements for all partners, principals and managers involved in providing services to clients in these industries.

We love Buffalo, and we love those who want to continue to better our home city, which is why we not only take pride in serving not-for-profit organizations, but we also take time to volunteer throughout the local community. Our internal committee, Helping Hands, is dedicated to organizing volunteer efforts and participating where help is needed most.

Teamwork makes it all work

Manufacturing and distribution is the lifeline to a business and the CTBK team strives to help other Buffalo and regional teams in need. With a wide array of clients in the manufacturing and distribution field, we have taken a strong focus in the industry and have multiple team members involved in relative groups and associations outside of our firm’s doors.

Whether a company is due for audit, has business tax returns to file, or has a different accounting or consulting project stacked on the desk, we’re here to help.

Our competitive pricing and one-team approach make us a reliable resource when it comes to determining what’s best for another business’ team.

Some things just go hand-in-hand

CTBK is a team, but that doesn’t mean it’s us against the world. Just as our city is One Buffalo, we’re one CTBK — always leaping to make another human connection, one of which is our outreach toward assisting investment partnerships.

In the investment partnership industry, there can be a lot of moving parts in any given project. With CTBK’s focus on industry trends, we approach each task with innovation and creativity. To us, there is not just a right or wrong; we weigh out a variety of options to get the results that a company wants and needs.