SafeSend Returns

What is SafeSend?

SafeSend is a secure, electronic platform that has a portal, SafeSend Returns, specifically designed for tax return documents. This delivery system makes tax returns easier than ever, with a perfectly-constructed streamline of communication between you and your service team at Chiampou Travis Besaw & Kershner (CTBK). 


SafeSend is a platform that is accessible to only you and your service team, and makes the process of signing and sending documents easier than ever before. View and e-sign your documents whenever and wherever is most convenient for you with this smartphone- and tablet-accessible portal.


Benefits of SafeSend

Gone are the days where you print, sign, scan, and upload e-file authorization forms to send back; or need to accommodate a trip to CTBK’s office during your busy weekdays. (Although, we do love seeing you!)

With SafeSend Returns, all of your documents are accessible wherever there’s a WiFi connection on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can sign into your account with your unique access code, view all documents, sign them electronically, and send them back to the firm for filing, all on the SafeSend Returns portal.

SafeSend Returns Features:

  • Electronic signatures on e-file authorizations

  • Documents saved and accessible in portal for up to seven years

  • Download option to print or save documents to your computer

  • Direct access to IRS and State sites for online payments

  • Email notifications for upcoming payments due

  • Unique access code sign-in; no set-up necessary

  • Secure viewing for you and CTBK, only


This simple process on SafeSend’s easy-to-use platform will streamline communication between you and your team at CTBK.


How to Access My SafeSend Returns

Your SafeSend Returns portal is accessible on any device and will be set up by CTBK. Once we have your tax documents ready, you will receive an email from the CTBK administrative team. They’ll let you know when you can expect to receive an email from SafeSend Returns. Once you receive SafeSend’s email, simply follow these few simple steps:

  1. Open SafeSend Returns’ email and follow the secure direct link. 

  2. Complete the identity verification process by answering a few questions.

  3. Follow the step-by-step instructions displayed on your portal to review and e-sign your documents.

  4. Opt to download* and save and/or print your tax documents. 


*Documents may download as “zip” files, which cannot typically be opened on smartphones or tablets. Zip files must be accessed on a laptop or desktop computer.

CTBK is here to make filing your taxes easier than ever before. With the help from SafeSend Returns, you can view and e-sign your tax documents wherever you are, whenever you have the time. Plus, you can count on SafeSend’s notifications to keep you posted on deadlines and any updates that may occur with your filings.

Should you have any questions or concerns along the way, the team at CTBK is always here to help. Please call our office or contact your CTBK service team if you need any assistance.